Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am definately NOT smarter than a 5th grader

because lately I can't seem to do the simplest things with the new technology. My GPS thinks its in Mexico but isn't sure because it cannot find itself via satellite. Also I can only work it on the computer screen, its like a little virtual GPS on-screen but the moment I unhook it from the computer, it freezes. Some kind of artificial intelligence mental breakdown I think. I only put the Mexico map on it because I'd love someday to drive to there. If Sheila (my GPS, she says turn this way, she says turn that way, therefore Sheila) can't find her groove soon I don't know how I'll find my way anywhere.

My digital photo frame (a Christmas present for my father) is filled with pictures that I put on it but can I remember how I did it? And the instructions that come with the darned thing don't seem to cover anything at all just how you go online and share all your photo's with everyone. I don't want to do that. I just want to put funny pictures of the pets and of us on it to send to my father who complains all the time that he doesn't have any photos of us. Being new, I have not named the photo frame. If I can't figure it out within the next week I'll have to print out all the pictures and mail them to Dad. Maybe if I'd been doing that all along I wouldn't have had to buy the digital photo thingy and I'd be a much happier person right now.

My iPod doesn't want to sync with iTunes so I only have 10 songs on it, my iPhone thinks its 2006, I keep changing the year but if I power down it resets itself. We're there even iPhones in 2006? Is this 2006? Am I reallly here? I'd check on my GPS but no hablo inglis.