Friday, September 04, 2009

You can bounce a quarter off these puppies.

Approaching the 4th anniversary of my 49th birthday I'm trying to look as good as I say I feel, for 49 of course. Thus my botox experience and having my lips done. Ahh lips. It started when someone sent me a photo from my junior high year book. I looked at it and thought to myself, "that girl has lips". Looking in the mirror I compared the "girl's" lips to mine now. I had none. Just a thin stretch of lip on top and bottom. Horrors!! So off to the dermatoligist's office to see about getting my lips back. "I dont want Angelina lips" I told her, thinking, well maybe I do but... and tra la, several hundred dollars and an hour later I had my junior high lips back again. "Kiss me" I told my husband when I got home. "You can bounce a quarter off these puppies!" I proclaimed happily. He declined, for the moment he said, till the swelling went down. I pouted prettily (I think). Ten days later I went back for my check up, still deleriously happy with my lips, and the dermatologist suggested I might want to get rid of that frown line. It really did clash with my pretty lips. So...several hundred dollars later I am frownless. It really is nice but I'm having to work on a deadly stare since I can't frown at people anymore who don't notice my lips.