Friday, December 29, 2006

The Drug Guy

Units 2 and 5 in our little 5 unit rowhouse across the street are in full 24/7 swing with selling drugs again and the police have made at least two big arrests there (one for each unit) in the last week. The last one had at least six police cars and they had to taser the guy 3 times he was so high on crack. I, myself am back to yelling and swearing at those who dare to park by our property line to go in and buy drugs over there. Its just like the old days. Geez, we shut down three crackhouses on this street in the last two years and for six whole months it was lovely and quiet.

Today though I think I might have gone at bit to far, as I ususally do. The local big drug dealer (in his own mind) was doing business at one of the units and the landlord showed up so I told him that the guy was in there dealing and the landlord went in and kicked him out. Well big drug guy saw me watch him go in so of course he knew who told the landlord he was there and as he was walking off up the street he stopped, turned around and looked back at my house, up at my window (where of course I was standing, looking) and he nodded up at me. Shiver. Oh well, Now I guess the death threats start again. Been there, done that. Although with this new crew being more physical and less afraid (maybe they're on some sort of new drugs) I think I'll start walking the dogs armed again and with my cell phone.