Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Well 50 Did Happen

and you know what? It was just as awful as I thought it would be. In anticipation of the big event I've lost 70 pounds, because I'm not going to be FAT AND 50, and that in turn has actually lowered my sugar levels to the point that I no longer take medication for my Type 2 Diabetes. So thats actually good. But...with the weight off of my face my cheeks seem to have become covered in tiny wrinkles. As a matter of fact, just before my birthday I was asked in a store if I was eligable for the senior's discount. I was afraid to ask if they thought I was 55 or 65. So now I'm slimmer but with a wrinkled face which also seems to have sagged. Along with everything else. Apparently the only thing ever keeping everything in place was my fat. So I've made an appointment with a dermatologist to try out their "photo rejuvenation" laser thingy. It costs a lot of money but is cheaper than a face lift. I can only afford the face itself and not my neck so if it works well on my face I'll just go with wearing turtlenecks until I can save up enough to get my neck done.

Also, for my birthday which I have been desperately trying to avoid, my father decided to pay me a three day visit. Now I love my father and I'm glad that at 80 he's in good enough health to make the trip across the country from Ontario to British Columbia, but one of the reasons I live in BC is because I love my father and I can't move any farther west without actually leaving the country. We have a great long distance relationship. He has always known how to push all of my buttons and hold them so its better for both of us that there are a few Provinces between us. He seems to forget that most times we tend to disagree and told me that he'd be spending very little time at the hotel, just nights, so that he could spend alllll dayyy long with me. The three days lasted a year it seemed but we did get through it. I really do love him and gave him a big kiss goodbye.

So this is 50 huh. I feel like I look it but I really still feel 49. I know, I know, its only a number but I just don't understand why this happened to me?!!


Rhea said...

Oh, gosh, I feel for you. I am 48. I feel 20. It's gonna be weird for me. I have a couple more years, thank god.

Anonymous said...

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Lesli said...

You look great and 50 is just a number. You could always lie! Pus, you are a Libra, right? We Libras age well!