Friday, October 10, 2008

Hot Yoga is Out

I am now officially way to fat for hot yoga. No one should be seen bending over in exercise clothes my size. Sheesh. You know it gets insane, my doctor always said lose weight. So ok, it took me a year but I lost 70 lbs. YAY me! Then came the "well you've lost weight, why don't you quit smoking now". So I did, I went on multiple medications and quit for 3 months. But...I gained 40 lbs, so I started smoking again. Not much, just a couple a day. There must be a happy medium somewhere but I just can't find it. Last week I went to the doctor and mine was away so I saw someone else. He, after hearing my complaints, handed me a tape measure and said "measure your waist". Mystified and somewhat alarmed I did so. When I told him what the tape said, he just smiled smugly and said "well if you'd lose some weight you'd feel much better". I guess they'll find his body some day, but me, I've just got a happy, self satisfied smile on my face as I eat a DQ Sundae and smoke my ciggy.

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Rhea said...

I gained weight after I quit the gym to get a dog. Now I am going back to the gym after three years away. It is much easier to keep my weight down if I am building muscle. By the way, I am adding you to my baby boomer blogroll.